One of the most important aspects of being a cross country runner is getting the best cross country shoes you can afford. You are going to be spending a lot of time running in them so they must be comfortable, supportive and offer you stability and breathability. We look at the top cross training shoes available, from a minimalistic style shoe to a very supportive one. Looking for new trainers for CrossFit? 

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail

This is a shoe designed to deal with the harshest of terrains including wet surfaces with ease, a feature-packed shoe that offers you the comfort, stability, and support you need. School runners choose this shoe for cross country! The features on this great shoe include an anti-debris mesh upper, which will prevent any debris getting into your shoe while running. The molded Eva footbed is designed to give you ultimate comfort and support while the midsole is lightweight with cushioning that will rebound, energizing your foot as you run.

Ortholite sockliner in the shoe will keep your feet cool and dry throughout, while the mudguard provides a protective barrier to protect your feet against abrasive synthetic materials as you traverse uneven terrain. The Quicklace system, which allows you to tighten your laces with just one pull and the lace pocket, keep them tucked neatly away. The outsole of the shoe offers ContaGrip which is designed to give you ultimate traction on wet surfaces, the shoe is also water resistant to ensure that your feet stay dry no matter the underfoot conditions.

A cross-country shoe should fit properly and keep your foot snug to offer the ultimate in comfort and stability and the Sensifit design of this shoe ensures that you get the best fit no matter what the shape of size of your foot.

Why We Like It
Anti-debris mesh upper
Molded Eva footbed
Ortholite sockliner
Quicklace system and Lace Pocket
Sensifit design

Our Verdict
A shoe that provides you with support, comfort, and stability is essential when taking on a cross-country run. Robust, durable and lightweight, with an anti-debris mesh upper, molded Eva footbed and Ortholite sockliner, this shoe gives you exactly that along with a Sensifit for the perfect fit and Quicklace system to manage your laces.

Saucony Men’s Kilkenny XC5

A spiked pair of cross country shoe that is lightweight and designed to offer you the best in control when running cross country. A sleek looking shoe that is designed to give you the best performance. The minimally layered upper is extremely lightweight and molds to your foot offering the support you need. The fit of the shoe is one that is designed to accommodate neutral pronators, so it offers a neutral fit. The midsole has a compression molded EVA to ensure the best cushioning and comfort.

The tread is very versatile to allow you to be able to cope with any kind of terrain and the spike will deliver excellent performance to give you the grip you need to deal with really difficult terrain, ensuring you get the best stability. With a carbon rubber outsole is abrasion resistant and the traction on the shoe is superb with a 6-pin spike to get you through even the muddiest of courses with ease.

Why We Like It
Carbon Rubber Outsole
6-pin xc Spikes
Minimalist Mesh Uppers
Compressed EVA midsole
Neutral fit
Our Verdict
Getting through even the toughest of courses is a breeze with the Kilkenny. The 6-pin spiked sole gives you the traction you need even on the muddiest of courses, minimalist mesh uppers are super lightweight and the carbon rubber outsole is abrasion resistant and flexible. A neutral fit is designed for neutral pronators.

New Balance Men’s 900v4

New Balance does it again with this great, affordable shoe that offers you everything you need to get through even the most difficult courses. The 360 degree mesh upper not only provides a shoe that is lightweight and will not hinder you in your running. It is also extremely breathable to keep your feet cool and dry throughout the race. The FantomFit lets the mesh upper mold to your foot giving you excellent support and a great fit.

The 6-pin spike plate offers traction on the New Balance. This is designed to be extremely flexible, allowing your foot a full range of movement, and it also offers aggressive lugs to offer that bit of extra stability. The rubber sole is abrasion resistant and the shoe is also very durable. Lightweight, comfortable and with superb traction, these cross-country shoes will offer you everything you need for a fraction of the price of other cross country shoes available.

Why We Like It
360 degree mesh upper
Aggressive Lugs
6-pin spike pad
Rubber abrasion resistant sole
Our Verdict
A very well priced cross-country shoe that offers all the features you need. The 360-degree mesh upper offers breathability and the FantomFit ensures the shoe molds to your foot for great comfort. Rubber soles with a 6-pin spike pad and aggressive lugs ensure the best traction to cope with any kind of terrain.

New Balance Women’s 700v5

New Balance has provided women with a shoe that will cope with the harshest conditions when running cross country, balance, stability, performance, and comfort all come together in this great shoe. The upper of this New Balance is constructed from 75 percent mesh and 25 percent synthetic fabric to offer superb breathability which allows your foot to get the airflow it needs to remain cool and dry no matter how hard you work.

The revlite midsole and FantomFit offer you the best fit and most comfortable insole which superb cushioning, while the rubber sole with the flexible 6 spike configuration will allow you to maintain your grip on any surface, even with very difficult and muddy underfoot conditions. These lace-up cross country shoes are designed to get you going and keep you going, stylish, versatile, comfortable and offering superb stability and breathability this is a great woman's cross country shoe.

Why We Like It
6 spike configuration
75% mesh and 25% synthetic uppers
Lace-up style
Revlite midsole
Our Verdict
A spiked cross country shoe that provides you with breathable upper constructed of 75 percent mesh and 25 percent synthetic, a revlite midsole for ultimate
comfort and supports a and FantomFit to ensure that you get the best fit in your shoe for great stability, comfort, and support.

Adidas Performance Women’s XCS

The Adidas xcs spiked cross-country shoe that offers superb traction on any surface, even muddy soft surfaces with a rubber outsole that offers grip and six forefoot spikes to enhance traction on difficult terrain. This shoe is comfortable, durable and offers great stability. A low top athletic shoe weighing in at a mere 6.5 ounces it is super lightweight. The upper is constructed of air mesh to ensure you get adequate airflow and is based on the therapeutic tape that is used by athletes.

Durability is provided by a rubberized print that covers the shoe and protects it from the elements, dirt and of course mud. The lacing system on the shoe is asymmetrical with a great lockdown to keep your foot snugly secure in the shoe. The inner bootee of the shoe gives it a barefoot feel and the Litestrike EVA midsole is both lightweight and cushioned to provide comfort.

Why We Like It
Six forefoot spikes
Lightweight at only 6.5 ounces
Air mesh uppers for breathability
Asymmetrical lacing system
Litestrike EVA midsole
Colors options
Our Verdict
A superb example of woman’s cross country running apparel shoes that offer comfort in the Litestrike EVA midsole, breathability in the air mesh uppers, with an asymmetrical lacing system providing superb lockdown and weighing in at only 6.5 ounces it is one of the most lightweight cross country shoes on the market.

Saucony Women’s Kilkenny XC5

Saucony does it again with this superb Women’s Kilkenny cross-country shoe that is ready to take on any course. A spiked cross country shoe that is lightweight and supportive. The mesh and synthetic upper provides you with a breathable shoe to ensure you get the right amount of airflow to your feet keeping them cool and dry. The tongue and collar of the shoe are lightly padded, to offer an extra level of comfort while the fabric lining of the inner shoe gives you that barefoot feel.

The molded foam footbed with a compression molded EVA midsole offers you ultimate comfort and support, keeping your foot cushioned and stable. The XT-600 carbon rubber outsole not only provides you with durability but is also lightweight and flexible. The four spike design of the shoe, along with the rubber outsole, provide the best traction even on muddy surfaces to give you the edge when running cross country.

Why We Like It
Mesh and synthetic upper
Compression molded EVA midsole
Molded foam footbed
Four-spike design
XT-600 carbon rubber outsole
Our Verdict
Running cross-country is a breeze with these lightweight, mesh and synthetic upper running shoes for cross country. Compression molded EVA midsoles, molded foam footbed and four spike design with an XT-600 carbon rubber outsole, offer the comfort, stability, breathability, and traction required during any cross country race and are sure to give you the edge.

Adidas Performance Men’s XCS

Adidas offers you a lightweight, weighing in at a mere 7 ounces, cross country running shoe that is designed to give you the edge over your opponents when taking on any cross country course. Air mesh uppers, which are inspired by the therapeutic tape worn by athletes, gives you complete breathability, while the rubberized print allover protects the shoe from dirt and mud, giving is superb durability. The lacing system offers great lockdown and ensures that the shoe fits properly on your foot.

The Litestrike EVA midsole is not only lightweight but offers the cross country runner comfort and support and combined with the inner bootee construction what is lightweight and gives you the barefoot feel, your foot stays snug and supported at all times. The extreme adaptive traxion offers you the best traction on both hard and soft surfaces with an outsole designed to grip and six forefoot spikes for extra traction.

Why We Like It
Litestrike EVA midsole
Adaptive Traxion design
Air mesh uppers
Rubberized allover print for durability
Six forefoot spikes
Our Verdict
Offering superb features in a cross-country running shoe, such as a lightweight air mesh uppers, litestrike EVA midsole, and rubberized allover print, along with adaptive traxion and six forefoot spikes this shoe will provide any man running cross country with comfort, support, stability and durability, along with superb traction on any surface.

Women’s Nike Zoom Rival XC

Nike has always been a good name in running shoes and their Zoom Rival XC cross country running shoe is one of their best offerings for women who like to take on the challenge of cross-country running. The Phylon midsole is designed with a responsive cushioning to redirect the energy of impact and offer your foot the support and comfort it needs. The anatomical heel with a rounded design enables you to roll with the ground and take on even the most difficult terrain with ease.

Your foot remains locked down into the shoe with the Flywire technology so you get the best stability when traversing rough and uneven terrain. The sticky rubber sole offers superb traction and that shoe is designed to fit snugly on your foot. The Rival XC offers the comfort and supports every woman running cross country needs along with superb stability and great traction it is the perfect fit for taking on the difficult and rough terrain cross country running brings.

Why We Like It
Phylon midsole
Anatomically rounded heel
Rubber outsole
Flywire lockdown
Our Verdict
One of the best women’s cross country shoes on the market offering a Phylon midsole for ultimate comfort along with an anatomically rounded heel, flywire lockdown, and lightweight grippy rubber outsoles, it is ready to take on even the roughest and muddiest of terrains encountered when running cross country.

Brooks Womens Mach 18 Spikeless

Brooks comes to the party with a women’s shoe that offers you a whole host of features to ensure that when you run cross country your foot is support, comfortable and stable at all times. The support of the shoe is designed for a neutral pronator with lightweight and flexible uppers and sole. The heel drop is a mere 4mm giving it a barefoot feel. The mesh upper with a 3D print design is breathable and will allow your foot to stay cool and dry throughout.  The lace-up closure keeps the shoe securely on your foot with an adjustable fit to ensure comfort.

Extra comfort is provided with a tongue and collar that are both lightly padded and the soft, durable fabric lining inside with molded EVA midsole for cushioning.  An aggressive lug pattern gives you the traction you need to take on any kind of surface and the Pebax Rnew outsole plate not only is durable and flexible but also gives you energy return to allow for quick acceleration. Lightweight, weighing in at a mere 4 ounces, this shoe provides you with everything you need, giving you the edge when taking on a cross-country course.

Why We Like It
Mesh upper with 3D print design
Lace-up closure for adjustable fit
Padded tongue and collar
Molded EVA midsole cushioning
Pebax Rnew outsole plate
Our Verdict
Offering the best features designed to give you the ultimate in comfort, support and stability with mesh uppers for breathability, lace-up closure offering an adjustable fit, padded tongue and collar with molded EVA midsole for superb cushioning and comfort and a Pebax Rnew outsole plate with aggressive lugging for great traction.

Brooks Mens Mach 18 Spikeless

Brooks mach offers you the ultimate cross-country running shoe for men with the Mach 18 spike-less cross country running shoe. Designed for the neutral pronator, this shoe is lightweight and flexible to take on any cross country course. The 4mm heel drop gives you the sock-like feel yet, which offers the cushioning you need in the molded EVA midsole and soft fabric lining along with the padded collar and tongue. Your foot remains cool and dry with the breathable mesh uppers and 3D printed design.

The microfiber internal support of the shoe ensures that your foot is always stable and supported during the cross country race. Traction is provided with the Pebax Rnew outsole plate, which also offers an energy return to give you explosive acceleration. The rubber outsole of the brooks running mach shoe is designed with an aggressive lug pattern to ensure that you maintain your grip even on muddy or difficult terrain. The lace closure keeps your foot securely in the shoe and provides an adjustable fit.

Why We Like It
Molded EVA midsole
Soft fabric inner lining
Microfiber internal support
Breathable mesh uppers
Aggressive lug pattern and Pebax Rnew outsole for durability and grip
Our Verdict
Running cross country is challenging and the Brooks gives you all the features you need to take on the challenge. Molded EVA midsole, soft fabric inner lining with microfiber internal support and breathable mesh uppers keep your foot supported, comfortable and stable. The aggressive lug pattern provides superb traction for any terrain.


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